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April 2024 / March 2025

Cities to visit: Rome; Termoli; ; Trani; Bari; Brindisi; Lecce; Taranto; Alberobello; Matera; Naples; Capri; Pompei

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Total distance covered: 575 km.
Scenery: we cross the Apennines to the coast of the Adriatic Sea. Beautiful landscapes on the coast.
Note: from May to mid-October, if the weather is good, passengers, who would like to, will be able to enjoy a swim at Termoli beach. If so, remember to bring bathing clothes and a towel with you.
08.00 hrs. - Rome. Departure. Today we travel towards the Adriatic Sea, the landscapes of the Apennine Mountain range are magnificent.
12.00 hrs- S. Giovanni in Venere Abbey . On a hill facing the Adriatic Sea and among landscapes of vineyards and olive trees, we stop at this beautiful Benedictine abbey from the eleventh century built on the ruins of an ancient Roman temple dedicated to Venus.
12.45hrs- Abbey S. Giovanni in Venere- Departure.
13.45 Termoli, arrival in the charming seaside town where the walled old town, its thirteenth-century castle and Romanesque cathedral stand out. Time for lunch and for a stroll. Do you fancy a swim in the sea?
15.30 hrs- Termoli, departure, we follow the Adriatic coastal road to the south.
17.30 hrs- Trani- Arrival at "the Pearl of the Adriatic" magnificent city that embraces the sea, famous for its pink Romanesque cathedral and its historic center with palaces that are a stand out.
18.30 hrs- Trani, departure.
19.30 hrs- Bari- arrival and free time to get to know this beautiful with its important port and promenade with a historic center of narrow streets surrounded by walls and its Norman castle, one of the symbols of Apulia.
20.30 hrs- Transfer to the hotel.
Total distance covered: 334 km.
Scenery: Adriatic coast, plains, olive groves, arid Mediterranean landscapes.
After breakfast we have time to walk through the old town of Bari, a port city inhabited since before Roman times. Its narrow streets, its churches, its lively life make it a very special city.
10.00 hrs. - Bari, departure. We continue along the coast of the Adriatic Sea.
11.30 hrs. - Brindisi . Time to explore this walled port city. You can take a pleasant walk by the sea, admire the impressive Roman column and stroll through its old quarter.
13:00 hrs. - Brindisi, departure.
13:45 hrs. – Lecce - arrival in this charming city known for its impressive baroque architecture, which has earned it the nickname "Florence of the south". The historic center is filled with beautifully ornate baroque buildings and churches. Time for a walk and lunch.
16.00 hrs. - Lecce, departure. We continue between Mediterranean plains of the “heel of the boot”
17.30 hrs. – Taranto - Time to visit this vibrant city, image of southern Italy (in its customs, life, people, also in a certain abandonment), with its great Aragonese castle, its old quarter and its cathedral.
19:00 hrs. – Taranto - departure.
20:00 hrs. – Brindisi - We return to our hotel.
Total distance covered: 401 km.

Scenery: today we will visit two spectacular and authentic towns.
Note: wear comfortable shoes, especially for Matera.
09.00 hrs. - Brindisi, departure.
10.15 hrs. – Alberobello - Time to discover this charming town famous for its unique conical-shaped houses known as "trulli". These unique structures, with their stacked stone roofs, are a World Heritage Site and are considered an outstanding example of Italian rural architecture.
11.15 hrs. - Alberobello, departure. We continue to the Basilicata region.
13:00 hrs. – Matera – We will make a stop to see this spectacular city known for its ancient historic center with its "Sassi di Matera", a complex of ancient houses and buildings carved into the rock that date back thousands of years. This town is a World Heritage Site and is one of the oldest continuously inhabited human settlements in the world. Time for a walk and lunch.
15:30 hrs. - Departure. We continue through Basilicata and Campania, admiring their beautiful mountain landscapes.
19:00 hrs. - Naples , arrival in the evening. We recommend you having a walk through this impressive city.
Total distance covered: 267 km.

Scenery: among the mountainous interior of the volcanic areas in the Naples surroundings and the beautiful coast.
After breakfast, at 08:00 hrs., we take a ferry from Naples to Capri in a 45-minute crossing.
08.45 hrs. – Capri - arrival to this island famous for its natural beauty and luxurious lifestyle. If you’d like to, you can take a boat to the White Grotto or the cable car to the Capri city and visit the gardens of Augustus with panoramic views.
12:30 hrs. - Capri, departure back to Naples.
13:15 hrs. – Naples - Time to walk and have lunch in the capital of Campania.
15:00 hrs. - Naples, departure.
15:30 hrs. - Pompeii (admission and visit with local guide included) . We learn about the prosperous city reduced to ashes and rubble when Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79 AD.
17:30 hrs. – Pompeii - Departure.
20:30 hrs. – Rome - arrival at the end of the day.
After breakfast, our journey will come to an end, leaving you with wonderful lasting memories.
Note: Please be aware that the hotel check-out time is usually 10:00 a.m. You can leave your luggage in reception upon check-out, allowing you to explore the city without carrying your bags. You can retrieve your luggage at your convenience later in the day. If you require additional time to use your room, we recommend booking an extra night at the end of your tour.

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